Wednesday, 17 November 2010

NOTM + a dip ;p

but you can hardly tell (well thats what people have been telling me)

*random thought: why cant this blog be my report?. i can so do 2000 words on beauty related products. hufffff

Anyways what i currently have on my nails is.. Rimmels 60 seconds polish is '619 pulsating'

And i like it. I think im going to buy more colours from Rimmel now. :)
Oh excuse the messy application, i fixed that up after i took the pictures cos i know if i left it i would've forgotten

Oh + after college today i took a peak inside lush and got one of their lip scrubs. 
(For one of our modules at college, we have to adapt a product or come up with a totally new product, and we decided that ours would be a lip scrub, so you can call this research! lol)

I would defo recommend this product.
Yes its £4.50 but you only, well i only need, like the tiniest amount to put onto my lips for a good scrub.
And i am certainly liking this flavour! something about lemon just appeals to me!
I defo want to try the mint one though, cos i heard it gives that plumping effect.
I know i said that you'll only need the tiniest amount, but the expiry date for mine is Jan2011. and that seems close!
So new year, new scrub :)

Cotton xx 

p.s its carnaby streets 20% off event tomorrow
&mac is one of the stores participating :)
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  1. Ooo! What a pretty colour and your nails are bloody gorge! Wish mine grew nicely like that! (: ♥

  2. ohplease i love your nails!!
    but thank you babe :) x