Thursday, 26 August 2010

Update.. boooo

my laptop caught a virus -_- 
sooooooooo i have no laptop and i now have to use this mahossssssssssive pc, and it takes FOREVERR to do anything!. 
im sorry to all my lovely followers, and i will get back into the swing of things ASAP

since all this has happened, ive been thinking to get an apple mac, as they dont catch viruses
whats your thoughts?.  

Cotton xx

Monday, 16 August 2010

quick haul- west end

Went to west end to get some last minute things for a swap im doing and i couldn't bring myself to not get anything for myself.. did that even make sense lol

Anyways yeh i got
these badboys from dorothy perkins

& these from Aldo. Can u tell i LOVEEEEEEEE double rings

As you can see i didnt get alot, cause you know my funds are low atm =S

but soon soon :)

Cotton xx

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

2010 Forever21

On holiday I went to 2 Forever21's IN CANADA.

I was so excited to go as i browsed on their website and i saw sooo many things i wanted, and there is a 'hype' on YT, but i was disappointed when i finally went to the actual store.

The first store i went to was in yonge street, ontario? (somewhere near the eaton centre), and it was sooooo busy, like i would even compare it to marble arch's primark because it was so packed. Anyways i was looking forward to the jewellery, partly cause i wanted some nice double rings- but suprise suprise they had none -_- I didnt even want to look around the store because they didnt have what i wanted, but my mum was browsing at stuff and me being me browsed too =P

This is what i got on my first trip..

2nd store i went to was in Vanghn Mills? And it was massive compared to the first one, and much more quieter.. I was excited, but did they have the rings i wanted NOOOO . ergh i was so frustrated with this one i bought nothing, i think =S, and bought nail polish instead!

btw, all the opi's aint mine.. didnt really like the colours that they had -_- i wanted the shrek collection and they didnt have it..

Cotton xx

Sunday, 8 August 2010


i have no net @ home, and i cant really do any posts on my phone. Sorry guys

Cotton xx

Monday, 2 August 2010


Ft. Claire's Mood Changing Nail Polish in 'bored&excited'
Same price as the previous NOTM.
&yes i did use 3coats again, as its quite sheer and streaky =S but i did put a coat of my trusty Seche Vite top coat on after.
I am liking this polish better than the previous one i used, cos that one never changed colour, but this one is changing alot. When i was ironing (which i never do) it changed colour completely!. like all my nails has changed to the lighter "peachy" colour.
^thats when i took the picture above.
Its not chipped yet, seeing as ive only just put it on today but i'll keep you posted :)
Cotton xx