Friday, 26 November 2010

Backkkk + The rest of the collection . . (finally!)

As you can tell from the title IM BACKKKKKKK :) , 
well until next week anyways! 
i have another assignment due in this thursday + then i have a group presentation to do for the 15th! 
December whyyyy?!!
you're supposed to be nice to me too, esp cos its my birthday month! 
im going to be turning 20
no longer a teen.
(well i say that now!)

Anyways, before i decided to take a lil break from blogging i was showing yous my 
nail polish collection and well.. yous know the story
So here is the rest, i know i have some other random polishes laying around somewhere, but yous know how lazy i am, right?! 

- electric charge
- fuel
- infrared
- vibrant violent
- lilac frost

I forgot to add this in the group photo above.
- Phenomena
I got all these la colors for 99p at Beauty Base in Westfield.

- the famous Steel Gray (its funny how its a Rimmel product but yet its not sold here in the UK)
- Black Satin
- Green Grass
- Sunshine
- Purple Addict
- Blue Vogue
and lying down is just a clear varnish from Rimmel 

I got these during my holiday in Canada
- Fuchsia Power
- Turquoise
- Going Green

- Collection 2000 hot looks in Hoola Hoop
- Revlon's Minted
- Claire's Cosmetics Hot Pink
- Eyeko's Posh Polish
- Sleek's nailed polish in Florida
- Eyeko's Rain Polish
- Gosh's Magic star (yeh i thought it was rainbow, got excited, got home and then realised it wasnt)
- ELF's mint cream
- 17 Lasting Fix in mint choc chip
So there youve seen my nail polish collection as of November 2010.
And im sure by next year it would have massively increased!

Oh and i FINALLY got Barry M's mushroom!

Current NOTM: 
used:  Barry M polish i showed you in my last haul with no name, just a number. 

oh and i might aswell show you what i got in the mail
I got it from here
Great deal, as the price includes the p&p :)

Oh and today, Sigma are doing free shipping!
if you know me, i try every way possible to try and avoid p+p 

Until next time, 

Cotton xx


  1. Nice collection you got there! :D

  2. I want to try that mascara, i heard it works well :)

  3. hopefully it does!. i havent had the time to even try it yet =S