Saturday, 30 October 2010

mini haul + NOTM

Took a family day outing to Ashford designer outlet
.. and it wasnt quite what i expected
I'd rather go bicester village, but thats just my opinion.

At Ashford, they had a Revlon Outlet there and i picked up 
I got nude lustre and the nude cream bases? i dont know the name but yeh u get what im trying to say!.. Anyways ive been meaning to get the cream base thingy, but theyre always out of stock in my superdrug & boots, so when i saw it here, and at a discounted price, u know i had to get them :)
Any tips with these?.

Anyways my NOTM ft. Barry M's Mint Green

My cuticles look DISGUSTINGGGG LOL. 
anywho, i took two pictures, as you can see duhhh!, but my bb camera just didnt do this nail polish justice!
Its back in my favourites! even though its winter i am soooooooo sporting this look!. 

Cotton xx

Nail Polish Collection - Part 3

Next.. Sinful colourssssssssss

- pink forever
- see you soon
- glass pink
- social ladder
- purple diamond
(missing 'Let me go')
I got all these from the lovely Katie, who i did a swap with, and you can read about it here
I fricking love these polishes, and the price= LOVE it even more!

Any ladies who live in the UK, i would defo recommend these polishes if youre gna do a swap with someone from the US! 

Cotton xx

Friday, 29 October 2010


I got tired with my recent NOTM featuring Eyeko's Rain nail polish.
so here is my recent one: 
Ft: Sinful colours 'Let me go'

yes theres a few pics cos i wanted to catch the different effect that it gives off. but i duno if i caught that =S
anyways let me know if you like it :)

Cotton xx

Nail Polish Collection - Part 2

Next up.. Model's Own 

I currently own 11 polishes, but im looking to add more soon :)
esp the polishes from the car key collection
and i cannot wait for their nail art penssssss :)

I'll add the names if yous like later.
thats my lazyness talking lol

Cotton xx

Thursday, 28 October 2010

NOTM w/ a difference

Time for my NOTM 
+ i kinda switched it up :)

I have on Eyeko's Rain Polish.
Not my fav application, but i can live with it 

Cotton xx

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Nail Polish Collection - Part 1

This is the first installment of my nail polish collection..
I only recently got into nail polish, so, well in my opinion, i think its quite small compared to others.
hope yous like it.

Ohh & in no way am i trying to brag, im just showing cos a follower wanted me to do so, and i wana. Its the kind of post i would read if i was on the other end..

Anyways here are the barry m polishes i have

I have countless backups of the 3 in 1 clear polish and the matte white (i used this on my toesss)
EDIT: oh and i forgot to add the nail effects.

-Dusky Mauve
- Bright Purple
- Berry Ice Cream
- Strawberry Ice cream
- Baby Pink
- Pink Flamingo
- Coral
- Raspberry

- Gold
- Lemon Ice Cream

- 3-in-1 base coat, nail hardener&topcoat
- Black Magic
- Silver Cascade
- Matt White

- Cobalt Blue
- Silver Sea (well i think it is)
- Pure Turquoise
- Blueberry Ice Cream
- Spring Green
- Mint Green
- Racing Green
- Emerald Green

cotton xx

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


My posts are getting boring lol
Wana see my nail polish collection?

..Cos i would =P

Cotton xx

little rant! + question

If you saw my latest NOTM then you know what im on about! but 
i am defo not doing that again.
it took me agessssss to get it off, i was literally scrubbing at my nails!. 

Question: does anyone know a nice way of taking off glitter?. 
because really i do like the glitter top coat at times but its a bitch to taking it off!

Cotton xx

Mini lush haul

Last week, i walked into to lush and walked away with this
... can you guess what it is

anyways, do you think i should get the lip scrub?

Cotton x

Saturday, 23 October 2010


I didnt feel the dusky mauve barry m nail polish on my nails 
soooooooooooooooo i changed it :)

Models Own- Sterling Silver
Barry M- SIlver Cascade
Topped off with a matte topcoat
^^ It looks better in real life, ipromise! lol

Ohh and i got this in the mail 
Isnt it pretty?!!. 
and i have to return it :( 
Its too big, and i even got the small!. 
owwwaaaa i hate this! 

Cotton xx

Friday, 22 October 2010

Canada Swap + NOTM

I finally finished my assignment, and its half term 
*bbm dancing face

Anywaysss, to the actual blogpost! 
I did a swap with Kim, who you can find here
She was actually my first swap, so you really couldn't get how excited i was! 
The swap was actually for nail polishes but the customs there was a pain in the butt, sorry again Kim for all the trouble! 

They would only let her send, one polish, but she actually sent two :)
1. Dulce de Leche
2. Mod about you
I know what your thinking, "why would you ask for polishes you already have?!" 
wellllll i didnt know that i was getting these, and u can never go wrong with a nude and pink :)

Next is the jewellry, she got me four necklaces in total, but two broke in the mail =( 
Oh and she also sent me a ring, but uknow that broke too, i was gna try to fix it but the ring didnt even fit my fingerss! my fingers are wayyyy too small! 

And last but not least, the two things i was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo suprised about .. 

THE CYNDI AND GAGA LIPGLASSES!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I WAS ACTUALLY SCREAMING and did a little jump when i got these! (take note these were not yet out in the UK when i got the package)

So so so so grateful, thank again Kim!
Great blogger, i recommend! heres her link again --> dance as if no one's watching 
Customs was a pain in the butt, but i certainly learned my lesson 

Quick NOTM:
Products used: Barry M Nail Paint 313 Dusky Mauve, and on the fore finger, a bd polish in princess

Cotton xx  

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Thank youuu :)

ive got 20 now :)

mini giveaway soonish. i promise!
oh & i have a swap package to show you guys.
All the way from Canada, from the lovely Kim :)

For now, here is my current NOTM (yes bad quality pic from my trusty webcam)

On the right hand, it says "SWP"which stands for
&&on my left hand it has the letter "12" which stants for my birthday and birthday month :)

Cotton xx

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Sorry for not posting again :( 
its that time again!!. i mean assignment time btw!.
 i have a 2500 word assignment, complete with references and such, by 6pm thursday and i havent started yet =S 
So until then im not gna be posting as much (like i do anyways right lol)

but thank you for still following :)
here are some random pictures..
I dont  remember if i posted a picture of this, but the day before i changed my polish
i wanted to see if the nail effects would look nice on all of my nails.. 

Now am i the only one who thinks my nails look like a christmas tree?.
Anyways, i took this off within a day as i will soon enough show yous why

need i say more?

I got my first sigma brush in the mail :)
I got the E40. 

Ive had the sniffles lately and boyy this inhaler saved my life!
&&last but not the least, is my case :)
Till next timeeeeee,
Cotton xx

Thursday, 7 October 2010


OPI is my new favorite polish :)
This NOTM was done using OPI's chapel of love. 
And like youve seen before, ive put barry m nail effects on my fore fingers 

Cotton xx

p.s the viva glam lipglases are finally in the UK!
geeezz about time!

Current OPI Collection..

OPI's sooooooooooooooo expensive here in the UK its ridiculouss
but heres my current collection as of, 071010

1. Suzi says ..(i forgot.. i'll edit this later lol)
3. Mod about you
4. Ducle de Leche
5. Do you Lilac it?
6. Jade is the new black 

I think thats right anyways, i'll edt this later for sure 

Cotton xx

Sunday, 3 October 2010

NOTM timeeeeeee

I used OPI's Do You Lilac It?, which i got from the recent swap i did with the lovely Katie, and on my fore finger i used one coat of Barry M's nail effects. 

Sorry for the flash, its so dark where i am today -_- it was raining earlier!. 

I think im in love with OPI lol. Now this is badbad news for my card, as we all know OPI isnt cheap here in the UK!. 

Anyone up for a swap?. :)
Cotton xx