Monday, 15 November 2010


My trusty seche vite is nearly gone!
Like i have to literally tip the bottle upside down to get the brush like dipped?
i aint good at explaining! lol. but you get the idea. right?

Ive tried many topcoats, even got the sally hansen diamond shine one, but it doesnt compare to seche vite, now the point of this posst.. 

cheaper alternative? pleaseeee
in the back of my mind, im thinking i cant go back. not after my trusty seche vite is there a topcoat just as good as seche vite but without the hefty price tag?
com'on UKers. i need one desperately 

Cotton xx


  1. I really like the China Glaze Fast Forward one. It dries quickly and adds a lovely shine, so if you don't like shine it might not be for you. It makes my nail polish last a long time and I'm even a biter!

  2. Wendy i just might try that! thanks :)