Friday, 26 November 2010

Two Lipsticks..

Took these lipsticks from my mums makeup bag

- Mac's lipstick in Touch (a lustre finish)
- Estee Lauder pure colour long lasting lipstick in Fig

Top: Estee Lauder
Bottom: Mac
I love these two colours.
They're completely different from the ones i own
Especially the mac one. If you dont know by now, i L O V E lustre finishes.

Anyways i just thought i'd share.
I'd never seen someone talking about 'Touch' so you know i was curious when i saw this.
I would defo recommend!
even just go to a mac counter store and swatch it. 
i think it would look nice on any skin complexion :)

Cotton xx

Backkkk + The rest of the collection . . (finally!)

As you can tell from the title IM BACKKKKKKK :) , 
well until next week anyways! 
i have another assignment due in this thursday + then i have a group presentation to do for the 15th! 
December whyyyy?!!
you're supposed to be nice to me too, esp cos its my birthday month! 
im going to be turning 20
no longer a teen.
(well i say that now!)

Anyways, before i decided to take a lil break from blogging i was showing yous my 
nail polish collection and well.. yous know the story
So here is the rest, i know i have some other random polishes laying around somewhere, but yous know how lazy i am, right?! 

- electric charge
- fuel
- infrared
- vibrant violent
- lilac frost

I forgot to add this in the group photo above.
- Phenomena
I got all these la colors for 99p at Beauty Base in Westfield.

- the famous Steel Gray (its funny how its a Rimmel product but yet its not sold here in the UK)
- Black Satin
- Green Grass
- Sunshine
- Purple Addict
- Blue Vogue
and lying down is just a clear varnish from Rimmel 

I got these during my holiday in Canada
- Fuchsia Power
- Turquoise
- Going Green

- Collection 2000 hot looks in Hoola Hoop
- Revlon's Minted
- Claire's Cosmetics Hot Pink
- Eyeko's Posh Polish
- Sleek's nailed polish in Florida
- Eyeko's Rain Polish
- Gosh's Magic star (yeh i thought it was rainbow, got excited, got home and then realised it wasnt)
- ELF's mint cream
- 17 Lasting Fix in mint choc chip
So there youve seen my nail polish collection as of November 2010.
And im sure by next year it would have massively increased!

Oh and i FINALLY got Barry M's mushroom!

Current NOTM: 
used:  Barry M polish i showed you in my last haul with no name, just a number. 

oh and i might aswell show you what i got in the mail
I got it from here
Great deal, as the price includes the p&p :)

Oh and today, Sigma are doing free shipping!
if you know me, i try every way possible to try and avoid p+p 

Until next time, 

Cotton xx

Friday, 19 November 2010

I received an award!

I got my very first blog award from the lovely liquoredonlacquer. I just wana say thankyouthankyouthankyouTHANK YOU. 
I am obviously very honoured! 
Defo recommend yous checking her blog out!
She just started & I love it already :)

"This award has the following rules:

Thank and link back to who gave you the award. :-)
Share seven things about yourself.
Pass it along to seven blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy" 

Seven things about me:
- For those who dont know, my name is Amelia Rose 
- I had a brain injury at the age of 17 (youngest in that particular hospital, RLH)
- My birthdays the same day as my mums
- Favourite thing about me is my nails 
- Im a traveller, but i hate travelling!
- My eyesight sucks! Shortsighted meh!
- I own 105 nail polishes as of today (19/11/10)

^ Wow that was hard!

Seven blogs i love: 
1. Shen
2. Nicola
3. Jade
6. Katie

Thank you again :)
Cotton xx

Haul: 20% off Carnaby Street Event

Well the title just says everything right?
So lets get right into it.. 
The Barry M nail paints obviously do not count. 
As you can see above. i only bought things from Mac, and Muji.
Keep in mind that these were part of the 20% thingy.
Muji: Angled brush- £3.95
Travel scissors- £5.50
Nail Clipper- £7.95
Mac:Moisturecover in NC30- £12.50
Painterly Paintot- £13.00

Barry M: (left to right) 
Once upon a time 210- £2.95
this doesnt have a name but its got168 at the bottom- £2.95
Btw, got these in the Oxford Street Topshop. My local superdrug dont have these colours. 

I bought clothes too, but i just realised i never do haul posts on them =S
its probs cos when i get home i try them on (saves me time in the store) and then 75% of the time i return them. anyone do this too?. 
Anyways, the clothes i do keep, i put them in the wash and so i forget by the time i remember, ive worn yeaaaaaaaaaa.. 

Cotton xx 

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Running to college makeup

As you can see from the title these are the products i use when i have college.
take note: i only go college mon-weds. i like to give my face a break because my skin is so sensitive. 
Heres what i use: 
 Yes i know what youre thinking, whys your lipscrub there? well i always use it, cos of the taste haaa!
- NYC Bronzing powder in Sunny
- Mac Msf in Refined
- Shu Umera eyelash curler
- BodyShop brow gel
- Mac Select Cover-up in NC30
- Mac tinted lip conditioner in Petting Pink
- Simple lip moisturiser
CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume 
- ELF brushes & a quo lip brush

what do you use? 

Cotton xx

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

NOTM + a dip ;p

but you can hardly tell (well thats what people have been telling me)

*random thought: why cant this blog be my report?. i can so do 2000 words on beauty related products. hufffff

Anyways what i currently have on my nails is.. Rimmels 60 seconds polish is '619 pulsating'

And i like it. I think im going to buy more colours from Rimmel now. :)
Oh excuse the messy application, i fixed that up after i took the pictures cos i know if i left it i would've forgotten

Oh + after college today i took a peak inside lush and got one of their lip scrubs. 
(For one of our modules at college, we have to adapt a product or come up with a totally new product, and we decided that ours would be a lip scrub, so you can call this research! lol)

I would defo recommend this product.
Yes its £4.50 but you only, well i only need, like the tiniest amount to put onto my lips for a good scrub.
And i am certainly liking this flavour! something about lemon just appeals to me!
I defo want to try the mint one though, cos i heard it gives that plumping effect.
I know i said that you'll only need the tiniest amount, but the expiry date for mine is Jan2011. and that seems close!
So new year, new scrub :)

Cotton xx 

p.s its carnaby streets 20% off event tomorrow
&mac is one of the stores participating :)
click here to get a ticket.voucher 

Monday, 15 November 2010


My trusty seche vite is nearly gone!
Like i have to literally tip the bottle upside down to get the brush like dipped?
i aint good at explaining! lol. but you get the idea. right?

Ive tried many topcoats, even got the sally hansen diamond shine one, but it doesnt compare to seche vite, now the point of this posst.. 

cheaper alternative? pleaseeee
in the back of my mind, im thinking i cant go back. not after my trusty seche vite is there a topcoat just as good as seche vite but without the hefty price tag?
com'on UKers. i need one desperately 

Cotton xx

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Nail Polish Collection Cont.. + NOTM

yesyes i know the ban from blogger didnt really go well. i couldnt resist :)
&&hey im rewarding myself for completing my first exam!

Anyways, here some randoms from my nail polish collection. 
(i know i should just get pictures of all of them so i dont have to keep doing this, but believe me when i say i am the most laziest person!)

&& my recent NOTM, which was inspired by thiss

I know i know its not great, but i think i need to get new nail art pens! WATCH THIS SPACE MODELS OWN XD
Oh my base coat is Barry M's nail paint in Raspberry
& i cant seem to do my right hand kmt. since im right handed and all, whenever i try to do nail art on my right hand, its turns out disgusting! erghhhhhh
i think i might stick to doing nail art on some fake nails instead!

Cotton xx

Friday, 5 November 2010


Okay until the 18th November i am banning myself from the net. 
Ive got tooooooooo much college work.
November sucksss

Anyways, i'll continue with my nail polish collection then for now.. 

This was taken 2008 and boyyy i miss my acrylics!
I know i wont ever be as good to do my own nail designs like that, pssshh i am struggling to even do my right hand with cheetah/leopard prints, since im right handed and all -_-

Shall i get them again?
Whats your thoughts on acrylics?.
Let me know 

Cotton xx

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Nail Polish Collection - Part 4

Featuring Essie

Im not really a big fan of Essie, but im starting to like it now =S in a few more months my essie collection would have hopefully grown!

As you can see i only have 5 =S and 4 are minis haaaaaa
- Rock Candy
- Haute as hello
- Demure vixen
- Pretty edgy
- Knockout Pout
Didnt really like Essie, especially over my beloved OPI but i started to branch out.
I only got Rock Candy cos it was on the ASOS sale lol. You know how Essie is expensive here!!

Cotton xx


I promised myself that i would do a nail polish collection post everyday and i FAILED.
when i get home from college im so tried!. 
And i have sooooo many things and the deadlines November or early Dec
forgive me plsss.

i'll have a lil giveaway as a thank you and sorry soon, once i get everything done