Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Haul: 290910

Its my cousins leaving do & birthday this friday, so me and my two close friends went to West end && Westfield. 
yea i didnt get what i wanted to get, which was an outfit -_-
i got these instead ..
River Island: £14.99
i dont get why they dont just make it £15 kmt
Anyways, river island are doing a student thing? its on monday 4th October, and its at the rivers in Oxford street.
its 20% off everything in store!.

John Lewis £20
I got this for my baby cousin, its a sleeping bag!. didnt even know about it until my aunt told me about it lol
And what im most excited about is the nail paint i got from the obvious Barry M :)
1. Bright Purple 303
2. Racing Green 299
3. Emerald Green 284
4. Raspberry 273
5. Nail effects 311
P.s the nail paints are currently 2 for £5 at the moment in Superdrug
I know it aint alot, but im not one to go spend my money on things i dont need. 
like my mum says: i got tooooooooooooooooooo many clothes

Cotton xx

Friday, 24 September 2010

US swap :)

Ive been a bad blogger. Sorry.
I went back to college last week and im just trying to get back into the swing of things..
Anyways... the point of this post is that I did a makeup swap with the lovely katie, her blog is here.. and the package came today :)

Cherry Twizzlers are like me and my sisters favourite candy. And ive opened the Wonka Chocolate Bar. and its yummy. Liking that too! 

Now this was the whole point that i wanted to do a swap, NAIL POLISHHHH and i loveeeeeeeee katie for doing this <3
I really wanted to try Sinful Colors, mainly cos we cant get it here in the UK. 

I loveeeee the Zoya nail polish Katie, thank youuuu. (i didnt ask for this incase yous are wondering)

Last but not least, China Glaze xD
I really wanted these polishes. Ive never tried CG before and i didnt see anyone selling them when i went onholiday, so i was excited when i saw these :) 

Thank you again katie :) 

For anyone that wants to do a swap in the UK, i didnt pay no customs fee. WAHEYYYY 
(seriously, dont u hate those hidden fees)

And for my followers, theres gna be soooooooooooo many NOTM's now ;) lol

Now i wna show yous my NOTM, well i took it off now because i wanted to swatch the nail polishes above..

I loved it, and HELLOOOO RIMMEL, i swear its a london brand, but they did not have this polish here. 
sucksss. i would defo recommend this polish if ur gna do a swap, or if your going on holiday anywhere that sells this polish :) 

Cotton xx

Thursday, 16 September 2010

look what i did

yes the same colours i used before to create the "leopard" prints because that the only colours a have which have a pen form :)

Cotton xx

Monday, 13 September 2010

NOTM + Mail

My nails had grown out from the last time i painted them and i was getting questions weather my nails were really my own -_- so i decided to re-do them!. well not redo them, i used another colour obv..
i got this polish when i was in canada, and i never used it until now. it was my first time painiting my nails with a matte colour, and i think its gna take some time to getting used too. im kinda iffy about it now =S
oh yea when i was doing my right hand the nail polish bottle decided to jump onto the floor and it went everywhere! grrr it was sooo runny compared to my other ones as i always manage to drop a nail polish and they do not spill.
i'll let you know how this polish goes..

Oh and i got this in the mail today..
from eyeko. once i saw the envelope i knew it was from them :)
thanks eyeko (again)#

COtton xx

Friday, 10 September 2010

Mini Mac Haul

went to Selfridges today, and i wanted i good foundation and concealer (my eyes have been bugging me out, seriously its sooooo dry, and there are fine lines!. i have worse eyes than my mum! seriously!!)
ANYWAYS, mua suggested studio fix fluid (well i think its called that), as i have combination skin- oily on the t-zone and dry on the rest of my face. she tried in total THREE shades, first the nc20 then nc25 then finally nc30 which matched me well, if i do say so myself ;p

oh i forgot to mention, i got a concealer too, mainly because i had a HUGEEEEEEEEE spot and the mua used this concealer to cover it up, and well u know the rest. Plus when im going to school i really dont wana miss class just because of a spot :)

Cotton xx

p.s ooooo when i was paying the mua said my nails were really nice xD

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

youtube made me do it.. blog sale?

you can tell by the title what this post is about.. 
i know it doesnt look like alot but i cant be bothered to go find where i put the rest of the stuff, so here are the stuff i could find..
Benefit's High Beam- the caps abit dirty.

i cant find what this is called, but i got this ages ago and its soooooo hard to get off!
or maybe i just werent using it right

Barry M's Marsmallow. Elf's Natural Nymph. Gosh's Darling
Yeh nude lippies just dont go with my skin tone. 

Barry M's Pastel Pink (smells deliciousss) this colour really washes me out!

Revlon's soft nude. everyone was hyping about this product and i was soo excited to get it on my holiday, since uknow the UK doesnt stock it yet -_-. but anyways this colour does not work for me neither 
. i dont want to just throw them in the bin soo if your interested in any of these products, please contact me

Cotton xx

Friday, 3 September 2010

mini haul

i woke up early to wait for a package to wait for a package and i expected it to come after lunch, but it didnt, it came early. So i didnt wana stay home for the rest of the day, and being a nice day in the uk, which i hasd to take advantage of, cince its so rare for us londoners to get good weather!. 
me and my sister went westfield and i got 

and this is the package that i was waiting for: my new school bag :)  thoughts?

Cotton xx

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

update & NOTM & i poppd my cherry ;)

Blackberry Pearl 3g
I got this cos i didnt want a touch screen & i didnt want a phone with a full qwerty keyboard
well my contract was due for a renewal/upgrade whaever you wna call it

wtf is blogger about? iduno how to use this rubbish so please followers bare with me!
Anyways my NOTM i used this Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Turquoise and i got bored so i turned it into this 

my first time doing some free hand nail art. or whatever you call it. and if i do say so myself its pretty.
oh since im right-handed my right hand is a lil messy =S but oh well!. 
Anywys i been liking the compliments ive been getting :) i love telling people that it was me who done this and theyre just like "nooooo u lying" loool 

Cotton xx