Saturday, 13 November 2010

Nail Polish Collection Cont.. + NOTM

yesyes i know the ban from blogger didnt really go well. i couldnt resist :)
&&hey im rewarding myself for completing my first exam!

Anyways, here some randoms from my nail polish collection. 
(i know i should just get pictures of all of them so i dont have to keep doing this, but believe me when i say i am the most laziest person!)

&& my recent NOTM, which was inspired by thiss

I know i know its not great, but i think i need to get new nail art pens! WATCH THIS SPACE MODELS OWN XD
Oh my base coat is Barry M's nail paint in Raspberry
& i cant seem to do my right hand kmt. since im right handed and all, whenever i try to do nail art on my right hand, its turns out disgusting! erghhhhhh
i think i might stick to doing nail art on some fake nails instead!

Cotton xx


  1. loving all the polishes , so beautiful =)

  2. Very cool! Love the sophisticated look!
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