Saturday, 26 March 2011


Ft. Some Boots French manicure thingy?

I was bored and what else to do than paint my nails, nevermind that I have reports due in next week. 

I was quite bored with always leopard printing my nails and I wanted to do something new
The results: 
It took me just less than an hour, I know doesnt that sound long!
But i kept making mistakes, and so have come to the conclusion that I do not have a steady hand at all!. 
But im liking it. 
Going to have the same design next week, but maybe switch up the colour 
Any ideas what colours i should use?

Cotton <3

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Getting Ready: Mini Haul

Woo woo i fly next week Saturday
Im going to the sunny Philippines. Its just me and my sister. 
First time flying without my parents =S

Im there for 2weeks and 4days, or something like that. :)
The nice weather we've been getting here in London, UK is no comparison to the weather there, my cousin tells me its 29 degrees there, day and night. 
A tan is defo pending. I have no colour whatsoever. A reason why i bought one of the products \/

Garnier Tinted Eye Roll - on   £5.10
Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect Medium SPF20   £6.98
These two products are currently on offer in Superdrug, if you're interested. 
The protective oil is half price!.
Oh i only paid £10.87 because i got student discount. 

What are you hauling?.
Are you going anywhere soon?.

Cotton <3

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


&you're thinking wtf does MOTM stand for
well it stands for 'Mascara Of The Moment' - in my dictionary anyways lol

I kinda cheated, its a combo of two mascara's that I like & the effect it creates.

Maybelline's falsies & Covergirl's LashBlast - Both in Black
(Yes i am aware of my dark circles, but i cba to put concealer, on this morning lol)
Do you like this effect? 

My eyelashes are quite long so I always go for mascaras which claim to add volume. 
The other day someone asked me if i was wearing false lashes :)

What mascara are you liking atm?

Cotton <3

Friday, 18 March 2011

&&the winner is..

All of these prizes are yours :)

I will email you shortly. 

Thank you for all who took part, and watch out for another giveaway after Easter :)

Cotton <3 

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day :)


I did a lil NOTM using Barry M's Spring Green \/

I know its boring, but you know i tried to draw a shamrock, or four leaf clover and it was a HUGEEEEEEEEEE fail!. 

Dont forget my giveaway ends today, midnight. Dont forget to enter if you already havent
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Cotton <3

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


yes my giveaway ends tomorrow, if you havent already checked it out and enter. 
nothing to lose here. 
blogger seems to be acting fine today, so get your entries in :)

Cotton <3

Monday, 14 March 2011


Sorry you havent seen posts from me lately, ive been so caught up with work recently and trying to save up for holiday. Minus the lil tiny Maybelline haul  (which you can see in the post before this one) 
Also, im getting my tooth taken out tomorrow :( Its been a whole 2weeks since I had an emergency appointment, and now that my tooth isnt causing any grief, my appointment comes about. 
*not interested face

Anyways, i know you aint interested in that lol but my giveaway ends this week 
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I only have a teeny tiny amount of entries :( i know bloggers acting stupid again!
Dont worry, i will do another giveaway when i come back from holiday.

Cotton xx

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Mini haul

it feels like i aint done a post in ages! but i soooo have! lol
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I walked past Boots and I saw these two: 
(about time we UKers got these products btw! Ive seen these two products on YT for yonky years)
Both products are on offer now in Boots & Superdrug!
I got mine at Boots, eyeliner was £5.99
and the mascara was £6.49
£2 offer btw, grab them now\!
I know I should be saving because Im going on holiday soon :) but i couldnt resist! if youve been a follower of mine for quite some time, then you know mascara is my weakness, after nail polish of course! 
Dont forget to enter my giveaway, i still dont know whether I should extend it because of all the problems with blogger, but I will defo post about this if I do 

Have you picked any of these up?

Until next time,
Cotton xx

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Monday, 7 March 2011

mini haul + NOTM

whats the timee?
time for another mini haul and NOTM!
(you probably saw from the title of this post lol)

What did i get.. 
Ive been looking for this for agessss!.
Since I got the Viva la Juicy rollerball on my holiday last year I saw it was running out so i hopped onto ebay.. 
 I was so happy when i found this on ebay for less than £25. 
Bargain! Well for me, because i know people got it in Boots during the Christmas sales, but all the Boots near me never seemed to have it. I love all 3 rollerballs, and highly suggest yous take a sniff or buy these if you spot them about. 

Now finding the all about eyes sample was a mission and I half!! I went to 6 different shops, and finally i saw it hidden inbetween another magazine in Sainbusy's. 
I have the all about eyes rich eye cream, and I want to see how the original formula performs. 
I also got the Aero lamb thingy, and boyy it is chocolatety!
Im giving it to my sister since it was 2 for £1, and i already ate mine. 

My current NOTM: Accessorize in Aztec 
I won this nail polish in a giveaway and I am glad I did. I love ittttt
The way it slyly goes from green to purple. 
I got compliments on it today :)
The camera obviously doesnt do this polish justice. 
I recommend this! 

Oh and something i was munching on at college.. 

Did you pick up a Glamour mag?
If you did, tell me what you got.. 

Until next time, 
Cotton xx

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&&yes i know bloggers still being stupid, i might have to extend it seeing as I have like 4 entries LOL. 
Dw, I'll keep yous updated if I do xx

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Giveaway help

Bloggers still being silly. 
You can see the original post here

If u cannot comment, Follow me & tweet me 


Ft. La Colors Atomic

im liking it, very much so that i dont think im going to change it till next week. 
and i never do thatt. 

Do you like it?
Whats on your nails?

Amelia xx