Friday, 19 November 2010

Haul: 20% off Carnaby Street Event

Well the title just says everything right?
So lets get right into it.. 
The Barry M nail paints obviously do not count. 
As you can see above. i only bought things from Mac, and Muji.
Keep in mind that these were part of the 20% thingy.
Muji: Angled brush- £3.95
Travel scissors- £5.50
Nail Clipper- £7.95
Mac:Moisturecover in NC30- £12.50
Painterly Paintot- £13.00

Barry M: (left to right) 
Once upon a time 210- £2.95
this doesnt have a name but its got168 at the bottom- £2.95
Btw, got these in the Oxford Street Topshop. My local superdrug dont have these colours. 

I bought clothes too, but i just realised i never do haul posts on them =S
its probs cos when i get home i try them on (saves me time in the store) and then 75% of the time i return them. anyone do this too?. 
Anyways, the clothes i do keep, i put them in the wash and so i forget by the time i remember, ive worn yeaaaaaaaaaa.. 

Cotton xx 


  1. Cool haul

    I gave you a blog award :)

  2. awww thanks lovely :)
    i'll check it out now xx

  3. If we had Barry M here, I'm sure I'd have every color I could find. I have quite a few even though I don't have a local source. :) The one on the right might be Lavender Blue.

  4. lol theres quite a few colours karen!. but nothing compared to opi & such.. i think we crave what eachother cant get lol!