Friday, 24 September 2010

US swap :)

Ive been a bad blogger. Sorry.
I went back to college last week and im just trying to get back into the swing of things..
Anyways... the point of this post is that I did a makeup swap with the lovely katie, her blog is here.. and the package came today :)

Cherry Twizzlers are like me and my sisters favourite candy. And ive opened the Wonka Chocolate Bar. and its yummy. Liking that too! 

Now this was the whole point that i wanted to do a swap, NAIL POLISHHHH and i loveeeeeeeee katie for doing this <3
I really wanted to try Sinful Colors, mainly cos we cant get it here in the UK. 

I loveeeee the Zoya nail polish Katie, thank youuuu. (i didnt ask for this incase yous are wondering)

Last but not least, China Glaze xD
I really wanted these polishes. Ive never tried CG before and i didnt see anyone selling them when i went onholiday, so i was excited when i saw these :) 

Thank you again katie :) 

For anyone that wants to do a swap in the UK, i didnt pay no customs fee. WAHEYYYY 
(seriously, dont u hate those hidden fees)

And for my followers, theres gna be soooooooooooo many NOTM's now ;) lol

Now i wna show yous my NOTM, well i took it off now because i wanted to swatch the nail polishes above..

I loved it, and HELLOOOO RIMMEL, i swear its a london brand, but they did not have this polish here. 
sucksss. i would defo recommend this polish if ur gna do a swap, or if your going on holiday anywhere that sells this polish :) 

Cotton xx


  1. your welcome! since i'm a bit short on money for the month of october (thanks MAC!) if there's anything you're really wanting let me know and i can see if i can send it to you =) we could do a mini-swap !

  2. ...and god to the twizzlers look smushed!

  3. omy katie i LOVED THE WONKA CHOCOLATE lol.
    yeh the twizzlers were squashed but its allgoods :) lol
    thank you for the swap again hun :)