Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Haul: 290910

Its my cousins leaving do & birthday this friday, so me and my two close friends went to West end && Westfield. 
yea i didnt get what i wanted to get, which was an outfit -_-
i got these instead ..
River Island: £14.99
i dont get why they dont just make it £15 kmt
Anyways, river island are doing a student thing? its on monday 4th October, and its at the rivers in Oxford street.
its 20% off everything in store!.

John Lewis £20
I got this for my baby cousin, its a sleeping bag!. didnt even know about it until my aunt told me about it lol
And what im most excited about is the nail paint i got from the obvious Barry M :)
1. Bright Purple 303
2. Racing Green 299
3. Emerald Green 284
4. Raspberry 273
5. Nail effects 311
P.s the nail paints are currently 2 for £5 at the moment in Superdrug
I know it aint alot, but im not one to go spend my money on things i dont need. 
like my mum says: i got tooooooooooooooooooo many clothes

Cotton xx


  1. I need to get to superdrug for that offer! :)

    Fashion Stereotype

  2. late comment! sorry
    yeap or boots!
    i know that the offer in superdrug aint going to end till the 26th of this month :)