Friday, 10 September 2010

Mini Mac Haul

went to Selfridges today, and i wanted i good foundation and concealer (my eyes have been bugging me out, seriously its sooooo dry, and there are fine lines!. i have worse eyes than my mum! seriously!!)
ANYWAYS, mua suggested studio fix fluid (well i think its called that), as i have combination skin- oily on the t-zone and dry on the rest of my face. she tried in total THREE shades, first the nc20 then nc25 then finally nc30 which matched me well, if i do say so myself ;p

oh i forgot to mention, i got a concealer too, mainly because i had a HUGEEEEEEEEE spot and the mua used this concealer to cover it up, and well u know the rest. Plus when im going to school i really dont wana miss class just because of a spot :)

Cotton xx

p.s ooooo when i was paying the mua said my nails were really nice xD


  1. I have that foundation in NC30 too and I love it, especially for days when my skin breaks out. How is that concealer? I have studio fix concealer but it's sort of drying.

  2. the concealers great. im loving it more than the foundation :)