Monday, 13 September 2010

NOTM + Mail

My nails had grown out from the last time i painted them and i was getting questions weather my nails were really my own -_- so i decided to re-do them!. well not redo them, i used another colour obv..
i got this polish when i was in canada, and i never used it until now. it was my first time painiting my nails with a matte colour, and i think its gna take some time to getting used too. im kinda iffy about it now =S
oh yea when i was doing my right hand the nail polish bottle decided to jump onto the floor and it went everywhere! grrr it was sooo runny compared to my other ones as i always manage to drop a nail polish and they do not spill.
i'll let you know how this polish goes..

Oh and i got this in the mail today..
from eyeko. once i saw the envelope i knew it was from them :)
thanks eyeko (again)#

COtton xx


  1. I'm super iffy about matte shades too..I like my polish to be super super shiny so I usually do 3 layers of polish and a top coat.

  2. omyy u must be really have the patience cos i cannot be asked to do a third coat sometimes. im so lazy lol.
    i just love the polishes where u only need one coat :)


  3. woahhhh gorgeous nails colours :)

    PS. Come enter my GIVEAWAY here :)