Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Another NOTM

Now this is featuring Gosh's famous Holographic..

Ive been meaning to pick this polish up for agessssssss now, and the perfect opportunity came when selected Gosh items, were 50% off. 
And you know, i couldn't leave this polish just there! lol

This is two coats..  

Leme just say, this polish is a B I T C H to apply.
Just check out my middle finger. And no topcoat, it dries pretty fast. But still, i couldn't use any of my top coats: (CG fast forward, Seche Vite & Sally Hansen Diamond Shine, cos they just moved the polish. 
ah it was so annoying.

On the other hand though, i do like this polish. I can see why it was hyped up the way it was. 
And i am glad that it is part of my collection.

Until next time, 
Cotton xx


  1. Very pretty! I am in love with silver polish right now!! :]

  2. looks good :) ive been meaning to buy this but never seem to remember to pick it up haha! x

  3. this color look great! love the glitters :)

  4. i've been dying for this polish, it's always sold out online!

  5. @adrienne: loool remember!. its such a nice colour :))

    @TheMadTwins: thank you :))

    @katie: oh if u cant get it, i could gladly pick one up for you and send it :))