Thursday, 3 February 2011

little haul

Took a family outing last week and boy i havent had time to post it up, so sorry. 
We went to Bicester Village, and there was two things i was excited for, 1. the cco and 2. the juicy couture outlet.
It had been more than 2 years i think since i last went so i was hoping they had stepped up their game. 

1. the cco was a BIG disappointment, well to me anyways. They fixed the store up from the last time i went, but it was meh, nothing interested me, especially Mac. I was hoping for it would be like the ones i visited in the US, but really nothing compares to the outlets there. The mac section only carried pigments and eyeshadows. And you can tell, if youve been a follower of mine for some time that i really dont like eyeshadows, more of the MSF/blusher/lipstick/lipgloss kinda girl.  

Anyways, i only walked away with one thing, and it came from ..
Juicy Couture

Can you guess whats inside ?

Yes, i finally got myself a daydreamer. i was going to get this during the winter sale, but they only had the old design on sale, so i thought it would be better if i just waited and saw if they had the 'new' daydreamer at the outlets. And they did :))

Ive been looking for a black shoulder bag for quite some time now, as you know my speedy30 just kills my arm everytime i go out. And i dont want to get a Neverfull until my birthday.. hopefully anyways. 

And for the long journey (i live in london) i had these ..

These are my favourite chocolate!! 
i got this packet for 79p
aint that a bargin for us londoners?!
i swear it is. 

Anyways, you wont be seeing posts by me for a while now =(
my second semester just started and boyyy it is longgggg!. its not even the work i'm bothered about, its the fact that most of it is based on group work -__- and im one of those people who likes to work on their own. 
Basically,  i really do not understand why im still in education!. 
But hopefully all my hard work will pay off soon. 

Hows your life?
Cotton xx


  1. I have never been to a CCO! Every time someone mentions one, I really want to go! I prefer this design of the bag to the old one and it looks nice in black. Some people get crazy coloured Juicy bags and it just clashes with everything they wear!
    I am the same - I like to work on my own because I'm too much of a perfectionist! The second semester will be over sooner than you know it. This is my longest term and then it's exams in the Summer and then that's it. Finished school forever :| and onto MORE education when I start uni in September! -_- x

  2. I recently went to Bicester and was disappointed by the CCO too! I wasnt impressed by any of the brands that it carried really, none of them seemed to have any products I really wanted. I did pick up a purple eyeshadow from mac though to put in my palette :)


  3. @Jade: ow you aint missing out on the cco here, trust me!. lol and yehh exactly why i wanted a black one. lol. its not as wow in your face as others.. hopefully semester will go fast. you going straight into uni?. i took a gap year..

    @Amy: yeaa i swear its good for the shadow kind of girl :)

    @kirsty b: thank you :)

    @kirstyb: thank you :)

  4. yah bicester village never really impressed me. I prefer all the outlet stores in Gunwharf Quays xx

  5. Cute bag :).

    Sadie x

  6. @harrietalice: oh leme try and go there *googling now lol

    @ sadie: thank you :)