Friday, 7 January 2011

NOTM: new years edition

Your thinking: a bit lateeee! its already the 4th!
Better late than never righttt? lol

used: orly in petit four

You think it stops there right?
wrong! lol

me and my friend decided to put "2011"
well this is how it turned out..
no your eyes aint going funny, she wrote 20001

well until next time,
Cotton xx


  1. Ooo pretty! Where do you get your Orly polishes from?

    And yes, I went to Greenwich's nail supply shop :) x

  2. The glitter nail colour is pretty :)
    Haha I hope we make it to the year 20,001 what with all these dead birds and talks of 2012! x

  3. @vanity-sashionista: greenwich! lool i saw you got one from there!
    @liquoredonlacquer: thank you :)
    @Jade: loool so do i! lets get over 2012 first! lol
    Jazzy E: Thank you :) i'll take a look