Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I finally got the boots i wanted in the mail today!!
I ordered these boots last year!
16th December and i only got them now because of a few problems with the mail
but yayyyyyy finally!

Can you tell I have a shoe fetish? 
Not even. 
im in love with wedges at the moment .. 
and the 'warmer' seasons are coming along so you know
i need to get me some wedge sandals 

what have YOU been buying lately?.

Thanks for reading
Until next time,
Cotton xx


  1. Hi therer just to let you know - you entered a competition on my blog and the winners were annpunced you were one of them and you won a £50 New Look Voucher. So if you could email me back that would be fab!

  2. ohhh isit?! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    i'll email you now. thank you xx

  3. I love those :) I love wedges too being small I need any all the extra height I can get haha! These look fab aand will go with basically anything :) x

  4. @ adrienne: awww u cant be shorter than me!
    i already wore them round the corner to see if they were comfortable like! lool