Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Bringing the leopard back

I got tired and bored of my last NOTM, (which you can see here)
so you know i thought hm why not leopard print
and this is how it turned out:

i kinda like it :)

#Random: i booked a holiday!!
well my sister and i lol
im tryna 'save' up now. so hauls hmmm 
we shall see 
im currently on a spending ban
but with newlook 20% off for student till feb 14th
we shall see

What are you looking forward to?.

Until next time,
Cotton xx


  1. I love leopard print nails! Great!

  2. this is sooo nice! love the print!

    xxx London and Paris

    ps: maybe you like tho join our Hugo Boss and Armani giveaways?

  3. thank you lovely.
    i'll check it out :) xx

  4. I love doing leopard print! Sadly, it is rare that I stop biting my nails to have them long enough where it looks good. Shame on me! Yours turned out better than mine...you must have very steady hands! :)

  5. @wendy: steady hands?! not even! lol. my right hand always turns out better than my left but you can hardly notice :)