Thursday, 2 December 2010

Seche vite problem solved

You might have seen my earlier post asking for a cheaper alternative for the famous
Seche Vite. 
I was gna get the china glaze fast forward top coat, on wendy's recommendation, but that isnt easy to find =S 
the only place that ive seen it being sold is sallys beauty supply and the closest one near me is like 40mins away!. and my nails were suffering! come on a week with the same nail polish.
for me? naaaaa

So i placed an order with asos, and got my Seche Vite :).. student discount included! 

 And they changed the packaging!. 
I thought i got a bargin.. but on monday, my dad had a day off and because of the tube strikes i didnt go college, we journeyed off to the discount nail supply store.

..and they sold Seche Vite and the China Glaze fast forward topcoat for £4.50 each
dsgkfjrdgoidrjiodd, thats cheap for us londoners btw

i got my hands on the china glaze fast forward one
(just in case)

anyways, this store sells nail polish for cheap
such as, essie is only £4
if u want the address just holla, i think they have a website to but its shit compared to the actual shop 

Cotton xx


  1. Oo is this shop in Greenwich? :D
    I want to try the Seche Vite x

  2. yeapps, its like a nail polish addicts heaven! :) maybe thats an exag! lol

  3. I love love love China Glaze, until I couldn't find it anymore ofcourse...

    I'm new to this blogging thing, check out my blog:

  4. Seche Vite works so well, but god it makes me feel like i'm high from the smell haha it's so strong

  5. @thestyleboutique: they also sell china glaze at sally's beauty supply :)

    @katie: oh tell me about it!. i tried so hard to find the one you was on about, but i couldn't find it :(