Wednesday, 15 December 2010

im backk+ update

Im backkkkk :)
WATCH OUT FOR MORE POSTS as, well, yous know ive been lacking recently. 
thats partly due to the 7000 essay i had, presentation and my birthday. 

just did the presentation today, and we did it in Unilever 0_0
i was sooooo nervous, but it went better than i expected.
the dude at unilever who watched our presentation said my groups presentation was "strong"
& im finally on christmas break, it feels like semester 1 was just taking agesss.
ive got 2 exams to prepare for in Jan and another presentation
oh gosh, but now party! lol
i need to get started on my christmas shopping =S 
everywhere is jammed packed grr
maybe do a little late night shopping tomorrow hmmm

Anyways upcoming posts
-Discount Nail Polish Haul
- Swap with Wendy :)

I havent been buying much lately cos i was too caught up with college.
One day i even had my contacts in for 12hours!
never again leme tell you!

Until next time,

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