Monday, 27 December 2010

REVIEW: China Glaze Fast Forwarding Top Coat

Yes we all know, i suck at reviews 
but omg this product is GOOD . so i thought i would need to mention it
China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat

Now my HG topcoat is Seche Vite and when it decided to go all gloopy and thick on me, i really didnt have the funds to get another bottle, especially if it was gna turn out like that and it wasnt even finished!
Anywho, on the recommendation of Wendy, (who i did a swap with here) i bought this. 
And it does everything Seche Vite does, well in my opinion, and cheaper too!
However, the one downfall.. it smells! Its like a bag full of chemicals. 
If you dont like strong smells, i dont recommend you getting this.
Shrinkage? ummm depends on the nail polish you're using. Ive only used this a couple of times, and i can say that with most of my nail polishes , it doesnt tend to shrink. 

To concludeee im really happy with this product
&will definitely be repurchasing!  

Until next time,
Cotton xx


  1. So glad to hear you like it too! :) It does have a strong smell, but I prefer it to the normal smell of nail polish. I'm weird! Ha!

  2. yeappss. oh wendy soap&glory's now on sale. the box set is only £10.50 now!