Saturday, 30 October 2010

mini haul + NOTM

Took a family day outing to Ashford designer outlet
.. and it wasnt quite what i expected
I'd rather go bicester village, but thats just my opinion.

At Ashford, they had a Revlon Outlet there and i picked up 
I got nude lustre and the nude cream bases? i dont know the name but yeh u get what im trying to say!.. Anyways ive been meaning to get the cream base thingy, but theyre always out of stock in my superdrug & boots, so when i saw it here, and at a discounted price, u know i had to get them :)
Any tips with these?.

Anyways my NOTM ft. Barry M's Mint Green

My cuticles look DISGUSTINGGGG LOL. 
anywho, i took two pictures, as you can see duhhh!, but my bb camera just didnt do this nail polish justice!
Its back in my favourites! even though its winter i am soooooooo sporting this look!. 

Cotton xx


  1. Love that nail polish color, I should have got it with our swap.

    I have both of those revlon products, the cream color bases are really good for under neutral eyeshadows but they'll crease on their own.

  2. @Katie: i'll keep that in mind for our next swap, if its happening :)
    && thanks for the tip!

    @kirstyb: thank you :)

  3. thanks babe :) defo recommend that colour