Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Nail Polish Collection - Part 1

This is the first installment of my nail polish collection..
I only recently got into nail polish, so, well in my opinion, i think its quite small compared to others.
hope yous like it.

Ohh & in no way am i trying to brag, im just showing cos a follower wanted me to do so, and i wana. Its the kind of post i would read if i was on the other end..

Anyways here are the barry m polishes i have

I have countless backups of the 3 in 1 clear polish and the matte white (i used this on my toesss)
EDIT: oh and i forgot to add the nail effects.

-Dusky Mauve
- Bright Purple
- Berry Ice Cream
- Strawberry Ice cream
- Baby Pink
- Pink Flamingo
- Coral
- Raspberry

- Gold
- Lemon Ice Cream

- 3-in-1 base coat, nail hardener&topcoat
- Black Magic
- Silver Cascade
- Matt White

- Cobalt Blue
- Silver Sea (well i think it is)
- Pure Turquoise
- Blueberry Ice Cream
- Spring Green
- Mint Green
- Racing Green
- Emerald Green

cotton xx


  1. your collection is awesome :) I love the pastel lilac color in the middle! xo

  2. thanks lovely :)..
    its berry ice cream btw if ur interested. i would defo recommend it x