Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Sorry for not posting again :( 
its that time again!!. i mean assignment time btw!.
 i have a 2500 word assignment, complete with references and such, by 6pm thursday and i havent started yet =S 
So until then im not gna be posting as much (like i do anyways right lol)

but thank you for still following :)
here are some random pictures..
I dont  remember if i posted a picture of this, but the day before i changed my polish
i wanted to see if the nail effects would look nice on all of my nails.. 

Now am i the only one who thinks my nails look like a christmas tree?.
Anyways, i took this off within a day as i will soon enough show yous why

need i say more?

I got my first sigma brush in the mail :)
I got the E40. 

Ive had the sniffles lately and boyy this inhaler saved my life!
&&last but not the least, is my case :)
Till next timeeeeee,
Cotton xx

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