Saturday, 12 June 2010


Ft. 17's mint choc chip (i think anyways)
my thoughts: the handle was kinda short so it was hard to apply the polish on my nails, but its probably because im so used to the Barry M nail polishes and that certain handle..

Anyways, i was reading some blogs, well looking at some blogs and are my NOTD's seem boring compared to everyone elses, as they've got konad stampings on theirs etc. Ive got a konad kit with just one plate and two konad special nail polishes and when i stamp the design onto my nail it isnt very flattering atall! I still have to practise so bare with me all..

oh yeh did anyone watch the England v USA world cup match?. erghh talk about annoying!!

Cotton xx


  1. Hey! New follower here! Loving your blog.
    I have this polish and I really like the colour! Your nails look so nice and long, i'm so jealous, lol.

    Im also having a giveaway on my blog so check it out if you wana :)


  2. wehey welcomes :)
    ah i just cut my nails there. they're really short for me :( lol

    okays i;ll check it out xx