Sunday, 20 June 2010

Another NOTM

i am banging these notm posts aren't i? lol i promise to add some variation in here soon but i keep forgetting to take a picture of my outfit!! FAIL
anyways here are my nails..

oh yeh please mind my ring finger, i was playing with my dotting tools. i tried to make a flower but it OBVIOUSLY didnt work. huff

Yes another Barry M nail polish :) i LOVEE Barry M if you havent noticed lol
oh and i got asked why i have no like big ma-hoo-sive hauls and well.. im going on holiday to canada in 3weeks (BIG SMILE LOL) and im trying to save as you know in the US/Canada they have different things there and i wana try new things. well not really new lol.
heres what i planning:
- go to SEPHORAAA!!
- go to F21 <- so many good reviews
- every department store i pass lol


  1. Omg, I'm so jealous of you going US/Canada, lol. You get to go to the amazing shops, lol.
    Love the nail colour :)


  2. yepps :) & thank you lovely :D

    Cotton xx