Thursday, 10 June 2010


Seriously i dont know how you bloggers do it because i am soooooooooooooooo lazy!! but it might be because its my time of the month! grrrrrrrrr updating everyday and plugging my phone in to get the picture i want is so longgg but lyk the title is this a case of EXCUSESS?!

hmmm i duno but i'll promise to update more in the days to come!!

oh and OOTDs to come as i keep on forgetting to take a picture as im so used to just walking out my house and then yeh my hair gets messed etc etc.

OHYEH AND I GET TO GO TO 2ND YEAR. u must be thinking why you sooo happy? weird! but more about that in another blog :)

its the famous 10th June today and the Glamour mags come out with 3 full sized benefit products, which are:

- It Stick (normally £17)

- Bad Gal Pencil (normally £14)

- Eye Bright (normally £14)

and i wana get my hands on all of them! mwahahahahaha unfortunately because its my time -_- i only got one which is the It Stick which i havent tried on yet as im toooooo lazy to get off the sofa ;)

ohh and to make me feel a lil better (as my tummy hurts like a !"£$%^)....
i got a follower :)

hiiiii and thanks for following.

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