Friday, 18 June 2010


my post title wasnt very imaginative now was it? loolbut anyways onto my story.. me and my friend, shamilla was looking for starbucks cos 1. i wanted a frapp and 2. snog was giving out free samples and it tasted like off yoghurt =S u know that sour taste u get?. yeh it was exactly that.. but yeh moving on.. on our way to starbucks we get stopped by a sales lady? that works for Phones4u and she goes (well something along the lines..) DJ Ironik's inside, come inside. Its free. So being us we went inside, well it was a free mini concert.. and we got an autograph and a picture. oh yeh and phones4u were giving away a free white blackberry.. and me and sham didnt win 0_0 suprisesuprise lol


  1. Oooo jealous :)
    Im not too into his music, but i would love to meet ANY celeb :)
    Thanks for the comment :) <3

  2. lol theres always celebs lurking around westend esp leicester square at night!! maybe on ya next trip down :)

    im already following lovely! lol

    COtton xx