Friday, 6 May 2011

NOTM: erm its a ?

Hey girlies, 
Sorry i havent been updating much. ive got alot on my plate atm, trying to get into third top-up degree is just LONG. If yous follow me on twitter then you would know, my tweets are just tooooooo much sometimes! lol

Anyways, i did my nails and they are a bit of =S 
you'll either love them or hate them. 

I used Essie's Shop till i drop nail polish, and boyy i swear Essie has a love/hate relationship with me. THey have some watery formula, but i just love the colour after putting like 3/4 coats on -____-
Patient is a killer!!

And this is how it turned out after I applied the Barry M white nail effects.. 

I dont like. lol im defo taking it off when i get home. 
Oh yeh, does anyone elses nail effects go gloopy after using it like once?!

Oh and i finish classes 16th May so watch out for my giveaway!

Cotton <3

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