Saturday, 7 May 2011


I know what youre thinking.. I just came back from holiday, I really shouldn't be buying anything for at least a month. ahhhhh i should really hide my card -___-

But since ive been back I have bought: 

H&M: Crop top- £9.99
Shorts- £12.99 (i have these shorts in a darker colour and theyre so comfortable i got a lighter wash)
Dorothy Perkins flats- £18.40 (20% student discount - usually 10% but they had an event going on)
Topshop ballet flats - £14.40 (10% student discount)
Yes i got two nude flats within the space of 2days and the reason for that is the DP ones hurt my feet. Like i got 3 blisters and the back of my heel was bleeding like crazyyyy! I defo wasnt wearing them again!. Do you think I can get a refund?
Anyways yea the other ones, I wen college and when i got out the station it was raining -___- didnt you check the weather amelia youre thinking right? well i did and nowhere did it say it was going to rain, so my flats got wet like WET .. if you follow me on twitter I twitpic'd. it was disgusting, it was basically like i was walking bare foot.
And seeing as i didnt have nude flats I decided to purchase these.
Primark: Top - £8.00
Bikini - £7.00
Topshop: Highwaisted shorts - £28.80 (with student discount, of course)
I also bought light wash denim leggings but their in the wash. they were £18, with student discount. 
I got another two of the tanning oil, partly because its buy 1 get 1 free atm in Superdrug.
I got these for £12.86 (10% student discount)
Now my sort of big purchase was these Beats by Dr. Dre
they cost me £79.99 and i got them 2days within the time i got back.
Reason: i thought they were cheaper in fili so I was going to ask my mum to get them for me, as they were 7,500PHP, and with the current exchange rate 7,000PHP = £100. Yeaaaaa so youknow I just got them, and boy am i glad.
You dont even need to put up the volume to maximum for it to be loud.
I want everyone to go buy these now! lol

What have you been buying recently?

Cotton <3

P.s i finish 16th May so the mini giveaway will be up around those times 


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