Thursday, 10 March 2011

Mini haul

it feels like i aint done a post in ages! but i soooo have! lol
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I walked past Boots and I saw these two: 
(about time we UKers got these products btw! Ive seen these two products on YT for yonky years)
Both products are on offer now in Boots & Superdrug!
I got mine at Boots, eyeliner was £5.99
and the mascara was £6.49
£2 offer btw, grab them now\!
I know I should be saving because Im going on holiday soon :) but i couldnt resist! if youve been a follower of mine for quite some time, then you know mascara is my weakness, after nail polish of course! 
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Have you picked any of these up?

Until next time,
Cotton xx

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  1. I absolutely love the gel liner! x

  2. :O I must have these, especially the gel liner! I use the Sleek gel liner at the moment but it just doesn't stay on until the end of the day, so if this Maybelline one is good, let me know :) x

  3. I have both thoses products. I dont so much like the mascara. I love the gel eye liner. i did a youtube make up tutorial using it. my youtube is lilmissgiggles147.


  4. I am requesting a review on both products (: Hope your doin' good <3

  5. I really wanna try that mascara!!!!


  6. The way i havent had time to try out these products yet, sorry girls!
    *cant watch face

    Cotton <3