Monday, 7 March 2011

mini haul + NOTM

whats the timee?
time for another mini haul and NOTM!
(you probably saw from the title of this post lol)

What did i get.. 
Ive been looking for this for agessss!.
Since I got the Viva la Juicy rollerball on my holiday last year I saw it was running out so i hopped onto ebay.. 
 I was so happy when i found this on ebay for less than £25. 
Bargain! Well for me, because i know people got it in Boots during the Christmas sales, but all the Boots near me never seemed to have it. I love all 3 rollerballs, and highly suggest yous take a sniff or buy these if you spot them about. 

Now finding the all about eyes sample was a mission and I half!! I went to 6 different shops, and finally i saw it hidden inbetween another magazine in Sainbusy's. 
I have the all about eyes rich eye cream, and I want to see how the original formula performs. 
I also got the Aero lamb thingy, and boyy it is chocolatety!
Im giving it to my sister since it was 2 for £1, and i already ate mine. 

My current NOTM: Accessorize in Aztec 
I won this nail polish in a giveaway and I am glad I did. I love ittttt
The way it slyly goes from green to purple. 
I got compliments on it today :)
The camera obviously doesnt do this polish justice. 
I recommend this! 

Oh and something i was munching on at college.. 

Did you pick up a Glamour mag?
If you did, tell me what you got.. 

Until next time, 
Cotton xx

Dont forget to enter my giveaway here
&&yes i know bloggers still being stupid, i might have to extend it seeing as I have like 4 entries LOL. 
Dw, I'll keep yous updated if I do xx


  1. I still need to pick up like 6 copies of Glamour to get the free products that I want! I'm going to have to set a day aside just to traipse around newsagents! Ooh I really like the nail polish colour! It reminds me of Gosh Purple Heart nail polish; have you seen it? It looks gun metal/black from far away but up close it's sort of purple/green at the same time. Really unusual colour! x

  2. gna check out that colour now! *runs off to supers lol