Thursday, 24 March 2011

Getting Ready: Mini Haul

Woo woo i fly next week Saturday
Im going to the sunny Philippines. Its just me and my sister. 
First time flying without my parents =S

Im there for 2weeks and 4days, or something like that. :)
The nice weather we've been getting here in London, UK is no comparison to the weather there, my cousin tells me its 29 degrees there, day and night. 
A tan is defo pending. I have no colour whatsoever. A reason why i bought one of the products \/

Garnier Tinted Eye Roll - on   £5.10
Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect Medium SPF20   £6.98
These two products are currently on offer in Superdrug, if you're interested. 
The protective oil is half price!.
Oh i only paid £10.87 because i got student discount. 

What are you hauling?.
Are you going anywhere soon?.

Cotton <3

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