Sunday, 20 February 2011

Lost: what should i do?

Last month I agreed to do a swap with someone
And they received their package, but i am still waiting for mine =S
Its been quite some time now and i dont know what to do.
I told the person who i was swapping with and they called the people in charge of customs there and they said that it should take around 3-6weeks otherwise its lost. 
Its gone past the 6weeks. 

Ive never had a lost package before, and the swaps ive done before, we have both received our package within a weeks time. She received her package on the 8th Feb btw.

This has never happened before, and i have kinda lost my faith in swapping.  
I was really looking forward to the package aswell. 

learning experience i guess

cotton x


  1. I'm sorta dealing with the same thing only it is an eBay thing, i bought it a month ago and it still hasnt shown up :( maybe ask them to do a lost claims form? x

  2. Maybe contact them again and say it's been more than 6 weeks and see if she can claim anything back from the courier. If not, explain to person you swapped with and maybe she could send you some items again? I'm sure she'd understand as if she was in the same position she wouldn't want to be left with nothing. Good luck! x

  3. thank you Adrienne & Jade :) i will try and she what she says.

    i'll obviously be updating this btw

  4. That's always a fear with swaps! It's not just the swapper, but the mail companies! It's ridiculous that we can't depend on getting packages at a decent time and to the right address, for that matter!

    I hope that you end up receiving your package, though!

  5. Thanks wendy. i'll update on this x

  6. Always get delivery confirmation with the swapper. Otherwise they can sort of fuck you over and not send you anything and say it was "lost" which is probably bullshit.