Friday, 9 July 2010


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I bow down to those bloggers who can stay up-to-date with their blog.. 'cause im just lacking.

i fink im gna need some inspiration!! &the weather hasnt made it easy either, being that i live in england and i do not remember a summer being this hot atall so ive been enjoying it and tgrying it get my "pasty-white" self a tan!

Anywho, sorry i havent been updating as much esp on my NOTM's as they;re really all i do lol.. but i have an eplanation for that.. i had to cut them :( why? you ask.. its because i had a nosebleed for more than an hour, and my mum said because my nose is really sensitive i had to cut my nails? oh i duno it made sense to me.. and i'd rather have short nails for a bit than have a nose bleed for more than an hour everyday!

next thing is that i havent been buying alot of stuff recently, as im saving my money for when i go on holiday (which is this sunday btw WEHEYYYYYYYYY) and the BIG MASSIVE sales havent quite made it easy for me!

well today, i went westfield with my friend cindy, and i bought a pair of skorts= shorts that look like a skirt. and no they wasnt on sale. they were £16.99 goodness". the h&m ones that i saw were dead cheap gosssssssshhh. but uknow the print wasnt doing it for me, but where i got mine they had pretty prints but i only got one as im crossing my fingers theyll have some for dead cheap in canada/america.. oh sorry i havent got a picture, the skorts are currently in the wash as i'll be packing them for the holiday.
anyways, i'll be flying on sunday, so uknow watch this space for more entries :)
Cotton xx

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