Friday, 22 April 2011

I'm backkkkkkkkk

Hey lovelyssss,
Sorry for not blogging for almost 4weeks. If you've been a follower of mine for some time now you would know that I have been on holiday and woii my jetlag! Philippines is 7hours ahead so you can kind of imagine!. 
I've come back in the worst time everr. gardddddddd. I have so much work to do!. 
Im in the middle of topping up to third degree university and i got conditional offer on terms that I pass the current course I am on. Which is sooooooooo long! To do that i have 4 group presentations to do and argh the groups im in ARRRGGHHHH I HATE GROUP WORK!. I would rather have exams too! i hate presentations -___- and i want to do marketing oh whatalife!

I have sooooooo muuch to do, I will try my best to keep posts coming. 
I have hauls to do , and of course a lil giveaway. I know i was going on about having a massive beauty giveaway but ermm my money kind of ran low. Exchange rate was so shit. it used to be £1 = 100 pesos and now its £1 = 68 pesos -________- 
but i still got stuff :)

Just wanted to say hi really <3 
And thank you 

Look at those tan lines! lol yesss

Cotton <3 x

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