Wednesday, 11 August 2010

2010 Forever21

On holiday I went to 2 Forever21's IN CANADA.

I was so excited to go as i browsed on their website and i saw sooo many things i wanted, and there is a 'hype' on YT, but i was disappointed when i finally went to the actual store.

The first store i went to was in yonge street, ontario? (somewhere near the eaton centre), and it was sooooo busy, like i would even compare it to marble arch's primark because it was so packed. Anyways i was looking forward to the jewellery, partly cause i wanted some nice double rings- but suprise suprise they had none -_- I didnt even want to look around the store because they didnt have what i wanted, but my mum was browsing at stuff and me being me browsed too =P

This is what i got on my first trip..

2nd store i went to was in Vanghn Mills? And it was massive compared to the first one, and much more quieter.. I was excited, but did they have the rings i wanted NOOOO . ergh i was so frustrated with this one i bought nothing, i think =S, and bought nail polish instead!

btw, all the opi's aint mine.. didnt really like the colours that they had -_- i wanted the shrek collection and they didnt have it..

Cotton xx

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