Saturday, 14 May 2011


Etude's House Proof 10 Mascara 
#1 Smokey Proof (Black)

I purchased this mascara while i was on holiday, I got super excited when i saw it.. i wanted soo many things!. 
I believe this is a korean brand. (correct me if im wrong)
I got it for 849+PHP. Quite expensive for a mascara but you know when your just excited and buy something without looking at how much the product actually is. Yea that happened.

 What it claims: "Proof's 10 waterproof mascara supplies clean, intense definition for a long lasting, Perfect 10 smokey eye look" 

I only put it on today, and it seems alright.. purpose of me wearing it is that the forecast said light rain, and you never know what light rain is here in England! 

Ohoh check out their website

Whats your fav. waterproof mascara?

Cotton <3

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011


I had a longggggggg day today. 
I couldnt even stop by Superdrug to pick up their beautycard :( 
I was in college from 10 - 8!
I didnt even go home after, and i know i should have!. Went to my cousins to eat Palabok (anyone tried that?)
And yeah when i got home i had a package waiting for me :) (dont you love those days when you wasnt expecting anything and its just there) *HIGH CHEEKS 
Yupp i won a giveaway from Sofia's Journal
This is what i won .. 

The infamous LC 'Style'
I was going to pick this in Philippines, but with the exchange rate so shit it worked out cheaper if i bought it here.
I just havent had the time to actually go get it, so when i found out i won, ahh words cant express how happy i was!. 

CHECK Sofia's Journal OUT. 

Cotton xx

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Did my nails.. again
I swear i spend more time on my nails than on my work! lol

This time i used China Glaze's Flying Dragon (neon)
It dries matt, which i didnt like so I added a top coat, China Glaze Fast Forward, something along those lines. 
Wow great photography amelia -__- 

so so so jealous of my sisters housing :(

&&awww my lola (nan) got my a beach bag.. its MAHOSSIVEE

Starting from today my lifes over!. Ive got 3 reports in for this thursday, a presentation on monday, and another report for next week thursday. 
hellllooooo all nighterss!

Hows your week going?

Cotton <3

Monday, 9 May 2011

Yay or Nay?

hey girlies, 
Quick question.. 
Are these shoes a yay or a nay?
Basically shall i keep them or not? 

Cotton <3

PS. Shoutout to my bubs REINA! :)

Saturday, 7 May 2011


I know what youre thinking.. I just came back from holiday, I really shouldn't be buying anything for at least a month. ahhhhh i should really hide my card -___-

But since ive been back I have bought: 

H&M: Crop top- £9.99
Shorts- £12.99 (i have these shorts in a darker colour and theyre so comfortable i got a lighter wash)
Dorothy Perkins flats- £18.40 (20% student discount - usually 10% but they had an event going on)
Topshop ballet flats - £14.40 (10% student discount)
Yes i got two nude flats within the space of 2days and the reason for that is the DP ones hurt my feet. Like i got 3 blisters and the back of my heel was bleeding like crazyyyy! I defo wasnt wearing them again!. Do you think I can get a refund?
Anyways yea the other ones, I wen college and when i got out the station it was raining -___- didnt you check the weather amelia youre thinking right? well i did and nowhere did it say it was going to rain, so my flats got wet like WET .. if you follow me on twitter I twitpic'd. it was disgusting, it was basically like i was walking bare foot.
And seeing as i didnt have nude flats I decided to purchase these.
Primark: Top - £8.00
Bikini - £7.00
Topshop: Highwaisted shorts - £28.80 (with student discount, of course)
I also bought light wash denim leggings but their in the wash. they were £18, with student discount. 
I got another two of the tanning oil, partly because its buy 1 get 1 free atm in Superdrug.
I got these for £12.86 (10% student discount)
Now my sort of big purchase was these Beats by Dr. Dre
they cost me £79.99 and i got them 2days within the time i got back.
Reason: i thought they were cheaper in fili so I was going to ask my mum to get them for me, as they were 7,500PHP, and with the current exchange rate 7,000PHP = £100. Yeaaaaa so youknow I just got them, and boy am i glad.
You dont even need to put up the volume to maximum for it to be loud.
I want everyone to go buy these now! lol

What have you been buying recently?

Cotton <3

P.s i finish 16th May so the mini giveaway will be up around those times 


Friday, 6 May 2011

NOTM: erm its a ?

Hey girlies, 
Sorry i havent been updating much. ive got alot on my plate atm, trying to get into third top-up degree is just LONG. If yous follow me on twitter then you would know, my tweets are just tooooooo much sometimes! lol

Anyways, i did my nails and they are a bit of =S 
you'll either love them or hate them. 

I used Essie's Shop till i drop nail polish, and boyy i swear Essie has a love/hate relationship with me. THey have some watery formula, but i just love the colour after putting like 3/4 coats on -____-
Patient is a killer!!

And this is how it turned out after I applied the Barry M white nail effects.. 

I dont like. lol im defo taking it off when i get home. 
Oh yeh, does anyone elses nail effects go gloopy after using it like once?!

Oh and i finish classes 16th May so watch out for my giveaway!

Cotton <3

Friday, 22 April 2011

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Haul

First day back and i already have a haul SMH AMELIA!! 
This was yesterday, cos i had to go to the bank before the Easter break. Well going to the bank I had to just walk past Superdrug, and you know what that means, NAIL [POLISHHHH. 
I had to check out the new shades that Barry M was offering, and they were on offer (currently 2 for £5) so i just had to pick 2 up!
Also picked up 2 magazines to keep me company. 

Hows the Easter Break going for you?. 

Cotton <3